A group of nuclear chemists from the GSI, the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry of the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, developed CALLISTO.

A major part of the preparations and optimizations has been done by André von Zweidorf.

This extensive project would be impossible without the help of mainly the following people (in alphabetical order):
W. Brüchle, E. Jäger, J.V. Kratz, M. Mendel, M. Schädel, E. Schimpf, G. Wirth.

Besides, the help of the following people was highly appreciated (again in alphabetical order):
R. Angert, S. Bürger, K. Eberhardt, R. Eichler, H. Hummrich, R. Jera, H.-O. Kling, U. Krille, A. Kronenberg, B. Kuczewski, G. Langrock, G. Lehr, Z. Li, A. Nähler, A. Peil, U. Rieth, B. Schausten, A. Seibert (I could never tame the glove box without you), H.-J. Schött, E. Stiel, E. Strub, P. Thörle, N. Trautmann, K. Tsukada, N. Wiehl.