These pictures of CALLISTO were taken in October 2002 by A. Zschau / G.Otto (GSI)

The heart of CALLISTO:

the detection system, the automated valves, lots of additional valves.

Detection system and automated valves.

Valve #2 and detection array #2 and the “high voltage monitor” (blue LED’s).

Detection array #2

The moisturizer, used for adding water to the gas.
Photo above was taken by W. Brüchle (GSI).

The gas controlling unit:
flowmeters, mass flow controllers, lots of valves.

The rotating target wheel, which contains 3 segments with 248Cm.
It was irradiated with a beam of 26Mg5+, producing element 108, hassium.

Photo was taken by W. Brüchle (GSI).

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